Riverside Park - Spokane

Cat Tails - Big Cat Rescue Center, Spokane, Wa.


Downtown Spokane - Runner Sculptures

Water flowing around bridge support in Spokane River ... Loved the green look to the water.

I have to admit that odd things catch my eye.

I liked the brick, old doors with new windows, but the reflections are what
really caught my eye.

Here's an odd shop, anyone a fan of To Kill A Mockingbird. Very interesting
stuff. If you want to amuse yourself for a while, it's a great shop to browse!

Top of the building of the carrousel with bell tower in background.

Columbia Astronaut Michael P. Anderson Memorialized in Bronze
A statue honoring Columbia astronaut Michael P. Anderson. Spokane is the STS-107 crew
member's hometown. Anderson and his six crew mates lost their lives when Columbia
broke apart on re-entry on February 1, 2003.

Now for a quick change of topic ... we visited Cat Tails Big Cat Rescue Center
in Spokane. They currently have 17 tigers, bears, cougars, leopard, bobcats and
a lion. What an amazing place!

I really disliked having to shoot through chain link fence, but you could get so
close to the tigers that you had to be careful -- one sprayed a few folks!!

A cougar having a bit of a yawn. I seem to have a thing for photographing the cats
with their tongues hanging out or yawning!

He was definitely keeping an eye on me!


Thanks for viewing !!