Morning at Edmond's Olympic Beach -
Low Tide Treasures

First discovery of the day -- crabs!

Everyone noticed the Great Blue Heron fishing at the water's edge.
Here he's just caught a gunnel, a fish resembling a greenish colored eel.

We don't always see jellyfish, but today there were quite a few.
This one is called the egg yolk jelly.

A close-up detail of the jellyfish pictured above.

This is part of the inner workings of the jellyfish that somehow
became separated from the rest of its body.

An interesting egg spiral from a sea slug.

A large collection of tiny mussels on one of the ferry dock pilings.

This Golden Dirona sea slug was a first for me - I love firsts!

Two rather large sunflower stars - fascinating!






And finally a sea lemon - one of the more commonly found
sea slugs at Edmonds. Looking at his upper side above
and his foot underneath in the picture below.



An unusual find for Edmonds - a sea urchin

A sculpin egg mass

Low tide provides quite a buffet for the seagulls.
This one found a cockle clam. Now to break it open...

Most of the jellies found today were the egg yolk,
but we did find a couple of small lion's mane jellies.

Another lion's mane jelly - this one found on a different day.